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Address: Office #804, Al Salmeen Tower, Electra Street, Abu Dhabi – UAE

Tel: +971 2 6799740

Fax: +971 2 6799743


Software Solutions

Elec Storm offers the freedom of choice, ease of integration, high performance, and reliability that forward-thinking companies rely on to increase profitability and seize the competitive advantage.

Advanced turnkey systems co. Is one of the leading company specializing in the IT with focus on the Middle East and gulf region who have designed, development, and successfully implemented software products for major companies.

ATSC methodology and experience in the design and development is drawn up from international standards which have been modified to suit the Middle East environments.

Financial Management System

Take Care The system will perform financial and business accounting and inventory of the facility with high efficiency system enables investors to perform their jobs more easily, quickly, automatically and achieve the hopes of managers in the financial, accounting and Inventory would bring him the desired control and automatically get the information without bothering.

  • The only system that follows the perpetual inventory method by accounting entries.
  • It features a collection of sub-systems of public accounting and supplier’s management and customer’s management and warehouse management and design barcode and POS.

Hotel Information Management Solution

Take Care an integrated and comprehensive hotel management system at the highest international standards for the profession of hospitality which is an intelligent system works at adjusting the rules and policies of the automated.
It also provides management access to systems via the Internet can also be linked with Microsoft Office Systems Takecare is broad and comprehensive and secure Its advantages and features extensive reports.

Auto Business Management Solution

Take Care ERP Base Auto Business Management Solution Designed And Developed By Advanced Turnkey Systems, To Meet The Requirements Of International & Local Auto Business.
TAKE CARE an SQL Server 2000/5 Based Integrated Enterprise Information System Designed and Developed By Advanced Turnkey Systems to Meet the Requirements of International & Local Auto Business, Etc.
TAKE CARE Is Multi-Company, Multi-Store, Multi-Brand And Multi- Supplier, Making Our Auto Business Solution Perfect For Any Type Of Automotive Dealer, Whether Independent Or Part Of A Large Dealer Group.

Our products are as vast and specialized in all the following areas:

  • Auto Business Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solution
  • Government Resource Planning Solution
  • Hotel Information Management Solution
  • Hospital Information Management Solution
  • ERP Software For Distribution
  • ERP Software For Apparel
  • ERP Software For Electronics Retail
  • ERP Software For Automotive
  • Retail Enterprise furniture
  • Retail Enterprise carpets
  • Retail Enterprise Fashion
  • Retail Enterprise Grocery
  • Retail Enterprise Shoes
  • Retail Enterprise Bakery- Pastry
  • Restaurants Management Solution
  • Travel Business Management